Nine times Timothee Chalamet was the best-dressed person in the room

Timothee Chalamet has gained something of a red carpet rep, with the 23-year-old actor?getting as much attention for his wardrobe choices while appearing at movie premieres and award nights as he is for his performances.

The Call Me By Your Name star's most recent effort, and one that will most likely divide the critics at home, was a pair of spray-paint printed overalls and matching shirt (designed by the brilliant Sterling Ruby's S.R. Studio. L.A. CA. if you're keen on a pair yourself).

As I sit here comfortably in my own version of double denim, seeing this talented lad give the finger to conformative menswear is as invigorating as watching the Canberra Raiders defeat the Sydney Roosters (at least they did in my imagination).

Who said every red carpet had to be black tie? More importantly, the nuances of tailoring and fit in his high end version of a mechanic's tux actually works better than the suits we've seen worn by?plenty of his peers.?

As someone who follows the ebbs and flows of men's fashion for a job, I'd much rather see someone wear something that was a) well-made b) well-fitted and c) interesting than the?clone of a tux I've seen 20 times before only this time it's tighter. And I'd like to think I'm not alone in that sentiment.

For all our bluster, men are often terrified of looking stupid. Or at least, thinking they look stupid. Especially with clothes.?Which is why you can put money on the fact that in most male friendship circles,?men tend to shop from the same stores (never together, mind you) and go for the same style of clothes?–?we see it on someone else, we like, we buy it. It's pure herd instinct.

So witnessing someone break rank and just go for it with their wardrobe gives me hope for the future of men's fashion and its possibilities.

Obviously not everyone agrees. Last month a colleague wrote of his bafflement at the fact that the T-Chal wore a silver suit with a belt that was worn OVER the blazer. ("The. Belt. Is. On. Top. Of. The. Blazer" were his exact words.)


How. Dare. He.

Interestingly, this over-the-waist-belted suit by Haider Ackermann caused more fuss than when Chalamet wore a harness by Louis Vuitton. (They called it a vest, but we know what we saw.)

What really makes Chalamet stand out from other actors who are keen to get a little creative in their wardrobes (Cody Fern, Jared Leto, Billy Porter to name a few) is that his choices aren't just for the sartorially brave. They're relatable. And wearable. And for the bloke wanting to add just a hint of spice to his life, easy to incorporate into whatever scenario requires a suit where the belt just happens to go over the blazer.

Chalamet is clearly living his best theatrical life, dressing with the kind of panache that made Peter O'Toole and Peter Sellers such characters in their everyday and not just a persona on the silver screen.?

True, he may even have a stylist helping him take the "right" risks as opposed to the wrong ones. But he still has to agree to wear such things as a burgundy velvet or floral-printed, periwinkle blue?suit. And for that, I say 'thanks bruv' for being a good sport and taking one for the team.

Now if only the rest of the "team" could take it up a notch.

Check out the gallery above to see more times that Timothee Chalamet?set the style bar high.